For agents and brokers, Purchasing Alliance Solutions (PAS) is a trusted source for innovative and conventional products and services in the employer group, individual and senior markets. Whether your clients are looking for employee benefits coverages or administration technology, we’re here to help you find just what they need. Additionally, if you're looking for a safe place to refer prospective clients outside your area of specialty, we can handle that through our captive agency affiliate.

Our goal is to meet your needs, re-enforcing you as a solution provider in your community.

Here are some of the ways we provide services to associated agents and brokers.

No-Cost Broker Support Services

When your client purchases products of PAS2Solutions Marketplace Providers, you receive the following services at no charge:

Standard General Agency Services
  • Consultation
  • Quoting
  • Analysis
  • Presentation
  • Broker and Client Access to Benefits Admin System
  • Benefits Admin Setup
  • Enrollment Assistance
  • Case Scrubbing
  • Submission
  • Follow-up
  • Employee Guidance App

Co-Operative Sales Services

PAS2Solutions Marketplace participating providers pay general agent service fees for you. But what if your client requires products of a non-participating product provider? We can still provide the same services in return for a share of the writing agent commission. This cooperative relationship gets you the services you need and keeps us in business to assist you. In addition, if you’re not appointed with a carrier but we are, we can assist you on a cooperative basis to place that client, too.

MBA Services Referral Program

Has someone asked you for help but they're not in your core size or specialty? Don't say, "No." Say, "Yes, I can." As a service to you, our captive agency affiliate, Multiplied Benefits Architecture (MBA), will write and service groups, individuals and seniors you refer and we’ll share the writing agent commission as allowed by law. It's safe and secure. You have our commitment that any lines of coverage for which you are quoting or are the writing agent at the time of referral, will be reserved exclusively for you by MBA.

We want to maximize our value to you and your value to a consumer through the provision of a safe, secure, quality retail referral service for business you wouldn't ordinarily write. Whether it's group, individual or senior, we're here to support you.

Solutions Marketplace of Participating Product Providers

General Agent and FMO services provided by PAS to agents and brokers are free when you work through PAS and use products of these PAS2Solutions Marketplace product providers. In addition, agents and brokers receive full writing agent commission and bonuses.

Group Market
Kaiser Permanente, UnitedHealthcare, Allied National, Coterie Advisory Group, Apex Mgmt, MidAmerica
Companion Life, Freshbenies, Humana, United Concordia, Beam Dental, Vision & Life, Teladoc Direct, Principal, RxDiscount App, Virtual Health
Companion Life, LifeSecure, Cigna Worksite, Colonial Life, Principal
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Brett LaTourette
Lead Small Group Specialist
770-579-1214, ext. 3012

David Adams
Lead Large Group Specialist
770-579-1214, ext. 3014

Jalyn Jones
Sales Logistics Manager
770-579-1214, ext. 3025

Individual Market
Medical, Ancillary and Lifestyle:
CareSource, various Short-Term Medical, LifeSecure, Freshbenies, Travel Accident, RxDiscount Card/App
Medicare/Senior Market
Medical, Ancillary and Lifestyle:
CareSource (MAPD-DSNP), Aetna (Med Sup & MAPD & PDP), UHC (Med Sup & MAPD & PDP), Mutual of Omaha (Med Sup), AFLAC (Med Sup), Allstate (Med Sup), Humana (Med Sup), LifeSecure, Freshbenies Long-Term Care, Travel Accident, RxDiscount Card/App

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Lisa Baynes
Lead Individual Products Specialist
ICHRA Specialist
770-579-1214, ext. 3514
Sally Callahan
Group Service Administator
ICHRA Specialist
770-579-1214, ext. 3024

Susan Brown
Lead Medicare Specialist
770-579-1214, ext. 3010


Solutions Technology

Client-Centered Tools

Discounted fees or no technology fees at all when using qualified PAS2Solutions Marketplace products.

World-Class Group Benefits Administration Platform

Employee Guidance App When Using Benefits

Other Available Third-Party Administration Platforms

  • Integrated Payroll
  • HR Guidance and Compliance
  • Third-Party Administration
  • Transparency Tools
  • Balance Bill Advocacy
  • • And Much More
Say hello at or 770-579-1214 • 800-782-8254, or contact us here.