Meaningful, Quality Healthcare Coverage and Employee Benefits

No Matter What Your Budgetary Price Point.

For 30 years, Purchasing Alliance Solutions (PAS) has been a leader in aggregation and distribution of high-quality, affordable health insurance and employee benefits solutions. Working through associated insurance brokers, we serve employer groups, individuals/families, and seniors.

The purchasing power generated by our affiliation with more than 150 Chambers of Commerce ensures an effective stream of affordable health and financial wellness solutions, made possible through alliances with industry professionals and innovative product providers.

Service Solutions for Brokers

Since its beginning, Purchasing Alliance Solutions (PAS) has been committed to the agent and broker distribution channel. We strive to make available products, services, and programs that give associated independent brokers an edge in client solutions and satisfaction. From our alliances with Chambers of Commerce to our work with innovative product providers, we’ll give you something new to talk about with your clients and prospects in the group, individual and senior markets. Learn more

Employer Group Solutions

Your savings is in our design. Whether your budget is $10 per employee per month or $1,000 per employee per month, skilled PAS benefits architects work with associated local insurance brokers to evaluate your situation and design a plan that meets your needs. The PAS2Solutions portfolio delivers cutting-edge innovations in quality, money saving employee benefits. Learn more

Also for employers, there’s a special program of meaningful healthcare benefits made available through local Chambers of Commerce and associated local agents that’s designed with multiple price points. This program provides employers a launch point into the benefits stream no matter what your budget is – even if it’s $0. Yes, $0. Learn more

Chambers of Commerce & Associations

Find out how local Chambers of Commerce are adding more value to their membership through tangible savings on critical employee benefits as a part of a growing alliance of more than 150 Chambers of Commerce. Learn more

Individuals, Families & Seniors

Whether you qualify for Medicare, an ACA health plan, or are looking for private options outside the ACA marketplace, Purchasing Alliance Solutions (PAS), through its associated independent agents and brokers, has the right solution for you, including a pay-for-telehealth service with no ongoing monthly premium cost. And, if you are looking for travel/accident insurance, we have that too, at a cost less than trip consolidators and transportation providers. Learn more

When it comes to health insurance and employee benefits, we want to make the complex simple and the expensive affordable.

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